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'66 Corvette by Chevrolet

Now you hear the big news about Corvette by Chevrolet. For 1966, it's horsepower! Standard VB is 327 cu. in., 300 hp. There's a 350-hp edition you can order, too. You swashbucklers just ask, and we'll drop in our new Turbo-Jet 427 under its own high-domed hood. "Street" version is 390 hp with four-barrel carburetor and hydraulic lifters. The performance engine (special cam, solid lifters and more) cranks out 425 hp!
And Corvette knows how to handle all this: full independent suspension, sports-car steering, four-wheel disc brakes. If a package like this doesn't tempt you into the '66 Corvette, just look how it's wrapped.

'66 Corvair by Chevrolet
You speak independent suspension, four-on-the-floor, bucket seats and like that? We here you.

Now you can sample America's sportiest looking, sportiest acting low-priced car for 1966: Corvair by Chevrolet. A lot's new. Trim touches here and there. Adjustable headrests you can add. A new fully synchronized 3-speed for creamy smooth shifting.
A lot's not new. You still get bucket seats in Corsas and Monzas. Corvair's engine still rides in back so you go when other cars won't. It's still air-cooled-away with water and hoses and antifreeze! You still get a big choice in Sixes, from our 95-hp miser to the 180-hp Turbo- Charged version you can order in Corsas. The '66 Corvair: for people who like to drive.

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