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'66 Corvair Monza Convertible -- with outside rear-view mirror and back-up lights among the safety assists that are now standard equipment

If you perked up when you turned to this page, our research computer says you're probably well informed, earn above average income and have more or less "in" type tastes. That's the kind of person who usually drives a Corvair. But then you can't always go by research. The fellow who turned all this up on our computer, for instance, was a frugal soul who read nothing but technical stuff and drove the same black sedan for 15 years. Then one day he showed up in a Corvair convertible a shade redder than the one above. How did he square this with his research? He didn't. That was the same day he asked to be transferred to a job that would get him out on the road more. . . driving his new Corvair.

'66 Corvair by Chevrolet
Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit Michigan

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