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This year every coupe and sedan has true hardtop styling -- even the lowest priced ones
'65 CORVAIR by Chevrolet

There are no side posts to come between you and the view. Or others' view of you. All Corvairs this year are built that way -- on top of everything else.

Corvair for '65 is completely new from its roof line right down to the road. Its sporty international styling is reflected in the new top-of-the-line Corsa series, the '65 Corvair Monzas, and the lowest priced Corvair 500's. Longer, wider and roomier this year, Corvair is even easier to get into and out of like a lady. Smartly styled curved glass side windows provide extra shoulder room. Inside its more spacious interior this year, you have a choice of up to seven color-keyed all-vinyl interiors. They're decorator-styled to complement your selection of 13 new exterior shades plus black and white. So what else is new? Quicker steering. Makes parking almost as simple as dialing "Operator." Smoother riding, too, like running your hand over a new mink stole. Other luxuries include never having to worry about water or anti-freeze. Corvair also adjusts its own brakes, so you don't have to worry about that expense either. Power? Plenty. Up to 180 hp in the Corsa series, should you order it. And as much as 140 hp available on Monza and 500 models. Come get acquainted with Corvair for '65. It might turn into quite a romance. . . .Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan

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