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It has a Twinkle in its eye

It flirts with you, that's what it does. But its comehither looks aren't the only attraction. Corvair's got a practical side that makes as much sense to women as it does to mechanically minded men. For instance, the engine's air-cooled so there's no radiator to add water to or buy antifreeze for. No hoses to check, tighten or replace. And you won't spend time or money getting brakes adjusted. They adjust themselves. Just nothing much for you to do but enjoy driving like you probably never have before. The peppery standard engine's got almost 19% more horsepower this year. Its location in back puts extra weight on your rear wheels, gives them a surer grip on mud, ice and snow. And the easy-to-park size and easy steering make even downtown driving more relaxing. In fact, this is the kind of car it's a pleasure just to think about driving. Why not do just that-all the way down to your dealer's? . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

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