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Because of the way it hugs and squeezes

. . . you'll fall in love with a beautiful buy.
Drive a Corvair on a stop-and-go shopping trip or jaunt in the country. Take it in any kind of traffic, on any kind of surface, over any kind of terrain, in any kind of weather. There'll be no doubt in your mind that you're driving a very special kind of car. Right away Corvair's trim size and shape give you the feeling, maybe for the first time in your life, that you're the boss of your car -- not vice versa. With the engine in the rear taking all that weight off the front wheels, the steering's free and easy. So easy we don't eyen make power steering for the car, though that's what you'll think you've got when you turn a corner, take a curve or slip into little parking spots that others had to pass up. And while any car will grip smooth dry roads, Corvair gives extra traction on all kinds-bumpy, wet, snowy or what have you. It's that engine weight bearing down on the rear power wheels that makes for such surefooted going. But here we are, almost out of space, and we haven't told you about the Body by Fisher craftsmanship. Or the cozy interiors and neat appointments. Or the big choice of beautiful colors. Or the modest price for all that. Happily, though, your Chevrolet dealer's ready to pick right up where we leave off.
. . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

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