The Chevrolet way for 1966 brings you a new world of elegance. From the bold thrust of the front fenders to the all-new taillight styling, it's unmistakably new for '66. Chevrolet's famous Jet-smooth ride's even better. Remarkably roomy interiors, of course. Wider choice of models, now 19 full-size values. A whole new prestige series debuts. A new look in wagons. New power team choices. New standard transmission lets you downshift into first without full stops. (Check complete power team lineup on back cover.) Plus all the traditional quality and lasting worth of America's most popular cars. Caprice
Chevrolet's regal new series, as elegant as the high-priced cars but at Chevrolet prices. Four models--three entirely different profiles. A prestige limousine look for the custom coupe roof line, classic hardtop beauty in custom sedan and the look of hand-rubbed wood paneling on 2- and 3-seat custom wagons. Exclusive Caprice identification. Dual color-keyed body striping on hardtops. Special Jet-smoother ride refinements. Lavishness comes in a great variety of interiors. The wagons have distinctive all-vinyl interiors. Standard in custom coupe and

Caprice Custom Coupe in Danube Blue with Beige Vinyl Top

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